support-black-businessAs promised in my previous post, here is a list of some Black owned businesses and small businesses that we can support with our money. My fellow Trini sister and fabulous blogger Afrobella created a really in-depth list of 101 businesses on her site. Below are 50 additional businesses I found through my own research. Please look at both lists and feel free to add any others you know of in the comments section. It’s time to flex our financial muscle in addition to other efforts to make sure this country knows that Black lives matter. This is not just for Black Friday, but for all year around. Let’s support one another. Enjoy! #shopblackfirst #retailblackout



Bcakeny –

mike-brownAs I watched the stamp of approval on the killing our black men and boys last night when the officer who murdered Mike Brown was not indicted, my eyes filled with tears and my heart with rage. The continual injustice endured by those within the African American community continue to get worse, yet my people still remain blind as to how we can fight back against a system that was never made for us to prosper. Protests, digital activism, written campaigns and the like are fine, but the REAL way to make this country see the value of African Americans is through our financial power. We do account for a little over $1 trillion in buying power.