photo credit: urban bush babes instagram

photo credit: urban bush babes instagram

These beautiful sisters were brought to my attention after they received a spread in the February issue of Vogue Magazine. The unique style and full natural crowns made me applaud the magazine for displaying diversity on their pages. TK Wonder and Cipriana Quann are twin sisters whose look has taken the fashion world by storm. Cipriana is the co-founder of the blog, Urban Bush Babes. Her, along with her partner Nikisha Brunson, show off their eclectic style and love of their culture on their site. When I look at these women, I am filled with so much joy for the statement they are making with their uncompromising looks and values.

photo credit: uptown magazine

photo credit: uptown magazine

It breaks my heart and angers my soul that the officer who murdered this precious baby in her sleep in 2010 will not face involuntary manslaughter charges. I weep for the parents as I know they have had to relive this nightmare over and over with the numerous trials they have had to endure.  According to reports, the judge in the case decided to drop the charges and not seek another trial. The previous cases were dismissed due to mistrials. The jury couldn’t come to a clean cut verdict in both cases.

This is a slap in the face to not only the Jones family, but justice as a whole. The officers who were involved in the raid in Detroit admitted

inkwell_240x340_88It’s Friday!!! The day that those who work hard at that 9-5 or 10-6 job look forward to from the time they wake up on Monday. In celebration of this wonderful day, I will be taking us back every Friday to movies, television shows and music that just made us feel real good when we watched them. This week it will be the film, “The Inkwell.”

This 1994 film was oozing with Black star power. It included the talents of a young Larenz Tate and Jada Pinkett as well as Joe Morton (papa Pope), Suzzanne Douglas, Gylnn Turman, Vanessa Bell Calloway, A.J. Johnson, Morris Chesnut, Duane Martin and well the list goes on and on. It delves into the mind and heart of a young Black boy who is trying to find his place in life. Over the summer his parents take him to Martha’s Vineyard to spend time with family after he accidentally burns their house down. He goes through many emotional, psychological and comical ups and downs

Rev Run And Tyrese Gibson Sign Copies Of Their Book "Manology: Secrets of a Man's Mind Revealed"The media world has been buzzing about a possible talk show hosted by hip-hop icon Rev Run and R&B crooner Tyrese Gibson. Speculation came after the Rev posted this message on his Instagram page:

“Ok so here’s the scoop .. Theres A new talk show coming! .. But not your average … It’s 1 single man and 1 dedicated married man .. 2 different perspectives … This is going to be very very very very interesting to say the least ..2 perspectives.. –> One single man .. One dedicated married man. One talk show … Should be VERY interesting …”

urbansourcefilesFor a very long time I have heard people, both in and out of the Black community, say that we seem to be stricken with this “crab in the barrel” mentality. I have seen it myself where instead of lifting each other up, people of color are quick to pull each other down when another is really excelling in life. The pull down can be both physically and verbally. The constant discouragement of dreams and the jealousy because you see someone you grew up with making strides to move out of the violent/poverty ridden area you both grew up in. Basically, the consensus is that Black people just don’t support each other, but this isn’t the truth.

kanye-west1allhiphopWhat happened to my “College Dropout” Kanye???!!! Where did he go? Who kidnapped him and replaced him with this newer, but not improved version? Aside from his insidious rants, his desperation to be accepted by White designers has led him to co-sign the use of the word nigger for a French designers’ collection.

SUB08AG-master675nytimesLoretta E. Lynch is a nominee for the position of Attorney General that is being vacated by Eric Holder in the White House. If she is chosen, she will be the first African American female to hold the position. But the possibility of this historical event isn’t why she is my new favorite person. It is because she is a strong, no nonsense Black women who held her own while being fiercely interrogated by Republicans yesterday.

During her hearing she was asked about hot button issues such as

EmpireThere has been a lot of talk, praise and astonishment around the fact that shows such as “Empire,” “Black-ish” and “How to Get Away with Murder” have garnered such record breaking ratings since they debuted. It’s reported that 61% of viewership for these sitcoms are African Americans. My question is, “Why are they surprised?” The reason these shows are such a hit is because Black people want to look at people on television who look like them (and aren’t on reality TV)!  We may still be called the minority, but when we all support something, we make a big impression.

There are many times when I sit behind this laptop and say, “I don’t feel like writing today.” Sometimes I just want to sleep, but what stops me is my baby boy. I have always

Screenshot_2015-01-28-00-01-55-1This is the start of my weekly features of amazing Black owned businesses. Anyone who knows me knows how much I believe in supporting our people and pouring back into our communities. This week I would like to feature an online retailer whose designs I fell in love with at first sight, Yes Lioness.

Started by Brooklyn native M.Borgella in 2003, Yes Lioness is a dream come true for all Black and brown girls who crave apparel, accessories and