Black Business Shine: Leather Candy Accessories

leatherI was put onto this fabulous jewelry designer by one of my dope acquaintances. Nique Chanet started Leather Candy in July 2010 and has been creating beautiful, culturally uplifting pieces ever since.

I love that her designs are edgy, bold and celebrate being Black, natural and a woman. I’ve bought pieces for myself and loved ones. The quality is superb and they really last long. The best part is that her prices are EXTREMELY reasonable.  This is how Chanet describes her jewelry line:

I am an urban jewelry designer who’s obsessed with raw street fashion. I love the fact that we as humans have the ability to express ourselves in different ways, whether it be physically or verbally. My jewelry line reflects the things I live around as well as my emotions. Some of the pieces I make are elegant and will cater to a more conservative customer. But ALOT of my pieces are all the way out there. I love to push the envelope when it comes to making things. I’m an eighties baby and I’m inspired a lot by that era, which in my opinion was the best era as far as fashion is concerned. Taking styles from the past and putting a modern day twist on it is another thing I enjoy playing around with. Most women love accessories and I’m definitely among them. It always puts a smile on my face when people respond well to my jewelry. It lets me know that others can relate to the way I express myself and that’s a good feeling. I get my creative niche from my mom; ever since I was little she would always make various beautiful crafts and really played an instrumental role in turning the wheels to my creativity. The Leather Candy Accessory line is my baby I enjoyed watching it grow and hope to one day own my own boutique where women can come to satisfy their craving unique accessories!

Her Instagram page is full of her eye-catching designs. Below is a gallery of some of my favorites. Make sure to check out her Etsy store and buy a pair or two or three. Oh, and this fashionista has TONS of sales for her line, usually on the weekend and during the holidays. You can’t lose when you shop Leather Candy!



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