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Meet The New Kid on The Writer’s Block: Christopher D. Henry

Chris henry 1Renowned African American writers like Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison can rest assured that they are leaving black literature in more than capable hands, as the list of eager, driven young black writers keeps growing. The latest of these is self-published author of the 2015 release Out of Work, Chris Henry. Growing up in the tiny town of Palmetto, Georgia, Henry says the lack of ambition he saw around him made him strive to be more ambitious. “Palmetto, Georgia has a population of just about 2000 people. Very small. In such a small town, few people dare to set big goals or to have big dreams.” When he took a bite out of the big apple, however, Henry’s small-town ideas began to change. “I saw so much of a difference there in the way people aspired to do things; so much passion and so many people chasing their dreams, and that inspired me to pursue writing as a career.”

Determined to make a start in the literary world, Henry connected with a relative who shared similar writing goals in the hopes of combining their efforts to produce a first work of fiction; a plan that, sadly, never saw the light of day. “We’d considered writing a book together, but that didn’t happen, so I eventually pushed toward writing a first novel on my own.”

The result was Out of Work, a humorous novel centered on everyday occurrences in the workplace and family life. Henry published the novel himself. “People love the book thus far,” he said. “It’s a comedy novel, and people love comedy. There are so many characters in the book and people who have read it know all the characters; they’ve memorized them. I’ve also been told that the characters and situations in the novel are relatable.”


Though he does not yet have a publishing company of his own, Henry says the possibility is not to be ruled out.

“Eventually I’d like to branch out and start publishing other writers’ work as well. I’d like to get in touch with a few writers and begin publishing their work, so a publishing company is something I see on the horizon for me.”

He also welcomes the opportunity to have his novel come to life onscreen. “That was one of my major goals while I was writing Out of Work. I would love to see it made into a movie or even a television series.”


When Henry isn’t busy creating characters, he’s hitting the gym hard, and helping others to attain their best bodies. A certified fitness trainer for the past 15 years, he doesn’t intend to give up this first love of his.

“I was living in South Florida where I worked as a fitness trainer and obtained full certification in fitness training. Fitness is my other passion. Being in this field feels good. It’s something I love, so it doesn’t feel like work at all.” Asked what his fans can expect next from him, the self-proclaimed jazz music lover hinted to the release of three additional works of fiction. “These novels will contain comedic elements, like Out of Work, but they won’t be all comedy. I intend to mix it up a bit.”

The novel Out of Work can be purchased on Amazon, and Christopher Henry can be followed on Twitter @Chrisoutofwork, on Facebook:, and on Instagram @cdishawn37.


By: Danielle Dixon

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