What It Means to Be #WOKE

unapologetically-black_designWe have seen the hashtags #staywoke and #woke consistently since the murder of Trayvon Martin and the countless killings of unarmed Black men and women over the last few years. But, I am sure some people are curious about exactly what it means to be #woke and why it is constantly being drilled into our heads. Here is my interpretation of what it means:

Be Conscious: When I tell people that I am conscious, some mis-conscrew it with me saying that I am holier than thou, or that I have all the answers. In all actuality, to be conscious is to have and forever seek knowledge about our history, culture, and ultimately self. Being conscious means being aware of the truth about the magnificence of African culture and history that this country does its best to hide from us. It means understanding that knowledge is indeed power, and that in order to be the powerful people our ancestors were we must READ and study the works of those who dedicated their lives to preserving out heritage in this country. One that paints us as slaves and less than intellectually, physically and spiritually. When you are conscious you have no choice but to be #woke because your understanding of the power, strength, greatness and beauty associated with being a person of African descent can not be denied. You love yourself, your race and participate in practices that will contribute to the uplift of our people.

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