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Ohio Author Seeks To Open Eyes To Issues People of Color Ignore

chatiela underwood 1She aims to inspire through the written word, but the very life she has led and continues to lead is in itself an inspiration to us all.

Ohio’s own Chatiela Underwood has emerged from many hardships to become the multi-talented, ultra-successful woman she is today. Taking time out of her busy schedule on a Sunday afternoon, the writer spoke openly about her life and her life’s work with


Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, Underwood, the eldest of three children and the only daughter of her parents, recalls being an all-rounder during her elementary and high school years.

“I was very active in the community. I was part of the high school drill team, marching bands, a cheerleader, I ran track…I was very active. I did a bit of modeling as well.”

At university level, Underwood successfully pursued Political Science and Criminal Justice, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in the former. Despite her arduous studies in these areas paying off, the lure of putting pen to paper would eventually win out over all else.

“My life experiences motivated me to become an author,” she said. I was inspired to write in hopes of in turn inspiring others, and bringing awareness to several different issues. Yes, I did study Political Science and Criminal Justice, and I’m currently pursuing a master’s degree in public administration; I am very keen when it comes to education, but I felt the need to stop working in higher education (my previous occupation) and start working for myself.”

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