Why I Could Care Less about the Presidential Election

111The Democratic debate took place last night, and it is safe to say that I was no where near as excited about it as the rest of world or moreso all of the people commenting on it on social media. I didn’t tune into the debate, now the Republican one that took place weeks prior because I simply don’t give a shit about them. Experience has shown that the position of the most powerful man/woman in the world is more of a figure head than anything else.

I, like many other young people of color, didn’t really get into the hype of the presidential nominees until Barack Hussein Obama stepped on the scene. During that time of ignorant bliss, I just knew that once he was voted into office that everything would change. I believed that he would be the answer to the problems of all the disenfranchised folk around the world because surely everything that he promised would come to pass; after all he would be the leader of the free world. Fast forward to 2015 and it hit me and others hard that our dream was merely that…a dream. This dream didn’t become a reality because many of us simply thought that voting a Black man into the White House was enough. We won, or so we thought. We didn’t show up for the municipal elections in our states, nor did we go out to vote for the new representatives in the House and the Senate. This could be due to either a lack of knowledge about how the executive branch truly operates, or we just forgot about those social studies classes in high school where this was all explained. The President is only as strong as the people who are voted into those seats. To have a Democrat in the top office, but the majority of the House and Senate are Republicans pretty much means there is going to be a lot of arguing, insult throwing, government shut downs and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING getting accomplished. Now did President Obama have a lot of great ideas? Yes. Was he able to get them passed without major resistance? Hell NO! He has been forced to exercise his veto power on more occasions than I would like to count. Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but the White House runs like a team, and majority will always rule when it comes to making decisions on what laws to pass and which ones to overturn.

Here are the things that we need to focus on:

  • Read up about the people running for the State Legislative and Municipal elections in our state
  • Take serious note of when these elections are taking place
  • Register to vote and find out where our polling place is located
  • Make sure that Donald Trump doesn’t even place his pinky toe on the White House Lawn

Real change can only take place if we make sure that the people whose ideas line up with what we want to see happen locally and state wide are in positions to lobby for us. The hype of the presidential election is just smoke and mirrors. Don’t allow mainstream media to make you believe that the presidential election is the only one that really matters. WAKE UP kings and queens.

Below are websites that will tell you the dates of various upcoming elections in your perspective state.  We have to arm ourselves with the right information in order to make educated decisions.

Municipal Elections
State Legislative Elections

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