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7 Brothers Speak On Black Women

black man, black womanThe relationship between the black man and the black woman has long been shrouded in embarrassing stereotypes and misconceptions. There’s this unspoken (and sometimes spoken) belief hanging in the air that black men do not admire or appreciate black women. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I recently took the liberty of speaking to some brothers to get their take on black women. I sought out some of the deepest brothers I know, and I must say, I was impressed and pleasantly surprised. Though they were a bit hesitant to open up, once they did, they kept me hanging on their every word. I’ve spilled the contents of their beautiful minds in this post, in the hope that you, the readers, will be both entertained and enlightened.


“Most men I know will literally chase everything with tits and booty. For me, there has to be more than that. I try to get to know a woman; her goals and her struggles. A black woman’s personality is important to me. Big tits and booty are great, but it’s not a must-have for me in a black woman. A great example of what I’m talking about is my current girlfriend (yes, she’s a sister). I didn’t fall for her because of her body. It started with us talking a lot. We’d spend hours just talking. We became comfortable enough to open up to each other. Next thing you know, we were an item. I had the opportunity to see her mind, and that drew me to her. What I love about my black women is how strong you guys are. I’ll admit, sometimes that strength manifests itself as stubbornness. (Chuckling) You guys need to have the last word and get your point across. But it’s all part of the beautifully complex being that is the black woman. The misconceptions about the ‘angry black woman’ need to be dispelled, though. And it would be great if society was fair to black women. I hate that society will have the nerve to say that Serena Williams looks masculine, but praise Caucasian transgender women and call them beautiful.”

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