Black Business Shine: Elizabeth In Pearls

photo1Elizabeth in Pearls is a jewelry and styling business that provides pieces that can be worn any where by any woman. Owner, designer and stylist, Kimberly Turner, started the business in July 2013 and named it after her two grandmothers.

“The beauty, strength and grace of these beautiful, black women, who I am honored to have called Grandmommy and Ma Pearl, will always be remembered and treasured.”

Here she talks to Soul Reflectionz about why she decided to branch out on her own and what it means to be a Black owned business. Enjoy!

What made you want to start your own business?

I started my own business because I wanted to share what I do with others, and add something unique to the market.

How did you go about starting it?


I actually started a jewelry business (with a different name) about 10 years ago. My friends and other people I would meet would see me wearing the jewelry I created and ask where I got it and how they could get pieces. I started making them for gifts and to sell. Friends would host jewelry parties for me at their houses and I’d sell my jewelry to their friends and families. However, I wasn’t really serious. It wasn’t the right time. Fast forward to 2013, and I made a decision that I wanted to really make Elizabeth In Pearls a business. I had not stopped making jewelry for myself or for gifts. I just kept making them, but this time with a focus and a deeper passion.

What makes your business stand out amidst others in the same field?

My pieces stand out because they have a little something extra and/or a special twist. I like to mix materials that may not usually be paired together, and create pieces that are timeless, edgy, unique and chic. I would say that quite of few of my pieces are a happy marriage of opposites attracting.


What does it mean to you to be a Black Owned Business?

For me, being a Black Owned Business is extremely important. It means being an example to other Black women and girls, in particular, to follow their dreams and be who they are meant to be no matter how much learning that takes.  It’s one of the ways I want to recognize and honor the blood, sweat and tears of my ancestors who paved a way for me.

Please share a quote or saying that helps to keep you motivated every day.

Every day is a new day to learn and grow. Honestly, there have been days that I have wanted to light a match and walk away! However, I feel like if I give in I will just miss what was right there! There isn’t a specific quote that I think of every day, but I sure do pray a lot and have positive talks with myself. It’s important that I remind myself how far I’ve come over a year, a few months, or even a few days. Baby steps are better than no steps.


You can check out and buy some of Elizabeth in Pearls beautiful jewelry here. #supportblackownedbusinesses

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