4 Things We Learned From the University of Missouri Victory Over Racism

Screenshot_2015-11-11-19-47-23-1Boycotting WORKS!!! It’s all about the money: I stand and salute the young brothers and sisters on the campus of the University of Missouri for not allowing the racist acts that were going on, on their campus  to be ignored. They learned well from their ancestors. They understood that boycotting is what will make these White folks stop and listen. Oh, and understand that they aren’t listening because they so strongly disagree with what is taking place, but more so because now WE ARE HITTING THEIR POCKETS! When the University’s football team banded together in solidarity to say they would not step on that football field until the President of the university resigned…well honey that is when all eyes opened. It is one thing to do a hunger strike, but quite another to stop the flow of money into the pockets of the people who run the university. We all know that sports are the driving financial force on any college campus. In short, it is the money maker. Anything that prevents it from taking place MUST be handled immediately. This is what we saw happen with the resignation of the President of the University of Missouri.


My beautiful brothers and sisters, the only way they hear us is when we force their finances to freeze. Boycotting is how we achieve this. Support Black owned businesses and DON’T financially support those who do not understand the message of Black Lives Matter or blatantly say they don’t care for people of color. They make the necessary changes when we stop putting money in their pockets.

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