black dollAs a child, I remember it being rare to come across a doll with dark skin and curly hair. I loved dolls, and always, I was given one that looked nothing like I looked; my dolls were all white with blue eyes and blonde hair. Finally, at age seven, I was given a black doll as a Christmas present by my grandmother. I called the doll Nancy.

Nancy became my most loved doll, and what I loved most about  her was that she had brown eyes, brown skin and curls…just like I do. I have long since misplaced or given away my other dolls, but I still have and still cherish Nancy, my first and only black doll.

Take it from someone who knows: giving a black doll to your queen in training does wonderful things for her self-esteem. It helps her to see herself as beautiful. With Kwanzaa just around the corner, this would be the perfect time to get the little queen in your life a doll that reflects her unique black beauty. Here are five places to purchase black/African American dolls.

sanneta myrie 2Eleven years ago, a young woman I consider to be my elder sister entered the Miss Trinidad and Tobago-Universe pageant; a pageant held annually in Trinidad and Tobago during which a contestant is selected to represent the twin island internationally at the Miss Universe pageant.

At the time, she was a bright, ambitious beauty of 23 years; she proudly sported gorgeous shoulder-length dreadlocks. Sadly, she did not make it into the top three, and it was rumored that, though a favorite with the judges, she was bypassed because of her hair.

student-removed-black-girls-rock-tshirtFollowing a recent incident in which a young lady by the name of Makiyah-Jae Jolly was forced by her school’s principal to change her T-shirt after showing up for school wearing a shirt that said “Black Girls Rock,” I fell into deep thought. This lovely little girl, who, according to her mom Sharika Jolly, had once been unhappy with her Afrocentric features, was given the shirt to wear to help her embrace and be proud of who she is. The principal claimed he “used his own discretion” to “discipline” Makiyah-Jae by making her change her “Black Girls Rock” T-shirt.

handbagFor us girls, handbags are like shoes; you can never have too many. Next time you go shopping to add to your handbag collection, here’s a thought: why not kill two birds with one stone by supporting a black-owned handbag company? That way, you get to satisfy your designer-bag cravings and show some love to black accessory designers. Here are five noteworthy high-end handbag brands all created by black folk for your shopping pleasure.

nail polishIn keeping with the festivities of the holiday season and stepping out looking our best, here is yet another post to help you “black up” your look and step out in all-black-everything purchases, right down to your fingertips. According to, African-American women make up the largest percentage of nail polish buyers in the US. Here are five black-owned nail polish brands to help you put the finishing touches on all your holiday looks.

essynce_moore_teen_owner_spa_boutiqueAfrican-American teen mogul Essynce Moore began a career in entrepreneurship at the tender age of six. In just the space of a few years, she has become an established businesswoman, currently the owner of Essynce Couture, LLC, Essynce Couture University (ECU), Essynce Couture publishing, and is at the helm of several branding ventures involving acting, writing, fashion and motivational speaking. This ambitious young lady has also recently published a book entitled 6th Grade Middle School Chronicles.

Natural sisters are some of the most gorgeous women around; we all love admiring their style and the way they carry themselves. When it comes to gifting, though, the gift-giver may be a tad bit

beverly bondOn December 12, Beverly Bond, founder and CEO of Black Girls Rock! announced that she will bring her women’s empowerment network to Africa in 2016.

Black Girls Rock! Africa will aim to be a multifaceted lifestyle, digital and media platform that will continue its legacy of elevating black girls and women in Africa and across the Globe.

beyonce in black and whiteBlack girls continue to rock the cinema and TV screens well into 2016/2017.

The latest of these is none other than the Queen Bey herself, Beyoncé, who is set to star in a lead role alongside Bradley Cooper in the remake of the 1937 movie A Star is Born. Knowles will play Esther Blodgett, a talented singer who marries an actor with a waning career and unexpectedly rises to super stardom.