uristocrat_prince-the-breakdown-990x576It’s only been one week since legendary performer Prince Rogers Nelson left us, and already there are numerous rumors arising as to exactly what was his cause of death.

Some of the most horrendous stories have surfaced, with persons seemingly coming out of nowhere, claiming they were Nelson’s “dealer” (for drugs) while he was alive. Some blogs have even gone as far as suggesting that the Academy-Award-winning musician died of AIDS, and had stopped taking his medication, which consequently led to his death.


products-that-moisturize-and-stretchThere have always been black women who embraced themselves (and their hair) just as they were, even when in wasn’t deemed “fashionable” to do so.

The 1980s were graced by a quite of few of these women; women who showed up on the big and small screen rocking their natural hair; among them, even some little Queens-in-training. Here are 6 women (one of them wasn’t yet a woman at the time) who proudly wore their natural hair in the 1980s.

1111963_1280x720If you think Ayesha Curry is here for encouraging competitiveness and slut-shaming among black women, think again.

In an interview with Essence published on Wednesday, the chef and wife of NBA star Steph Curry talked about the recent memes that have been circulating on the internet containing her photographs. Some of those memes look like this:


abc_blind_2_er_160428_31x13_1600What if, for 12 years, you could not see the face of the first person you ever loved? Imagine what it would feel like to see that face for the very first time.

Fifth Grader Christopher Ward Jr. understands this feeling all too well. Recently, he had the opportunity to see the face of his mother for the first time since he was born.


542177_1280x720Emmy-winning actress Viola Davis is set to reinforce ties with ABC. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the star of the network’s popular “How To Get Away With Murder” primetime drama just landed a deal with them to develop new projects for cable, broadcast and streaming services under the umbrella of JuVee Productions, a production company which she co-owns with partner Julius Tennon.


darkskinWhether we want to admit it or not, colorism still exists within the black community. Even in 2016, some persons within our community still treat dark skin like a badge of shame, with the practice of skin-bleaching an on-going issue in some predominantly-black countries.

However, proud dark-skinned women are embracing their melanin more and more by the day, and there are even internet communities now dedicated to dark-skinned women and lovers of dark-skinned women.


RTR4K0XI-1024x682An 8-year-old Flint resident  has arranged for President Barack Obama to visit Flint, Michigan in the wake of this year’s Flint Water Crisis.

When Mari Copeny put pen to paper requesting that she meet Michelle Obama, the U.S. President listened, and decided to kill two birds with one stone: Copeny would meet the First Lady, and he would meet with Flint residents.


150713_CA_LEMONADEEven the little ones are feeling Lemonade.

We stumbled upon this adorable video of a 5-year-old lip-syncing and dancing to a track entitled “Sorry” off Beyoncé’s   latest album, and it was so cute we just had to share it with our readers.


1035x512-Screen-Shot-2015-06-12-at-10.14.23-AMOne week after his death, the Prince tributes are still pouring in from fellow recording artists who have chosen to honor The Purple One in song.



061812-fashion-beauty-author-erica-kennedy-dies-obitFor those people all over the internet stating that “Prince didn’t see color” and his artistry “transcended race,” there’s something each and every one of you should know: Prince wasn’t a racist and he didn’t make a big deal of different skin hues, but he did, however, LOVE his blackness. This post is about to to be proof of that.

The Beautiful One once made a popular magazine hire a black woman in exchange for an interview with him.