Taylor M. Styles is Set to Take Over the Africa-Inspired Apparel Industry

taylor m 4Upon first seeing Adanna Taylor, your initial reaction is one of awe. You immediately realize that her stylish, brightly colored outfits aren’t store-bought. You instantly notice the proudness in her stance: the ramrod-straight posture, the Afro-centric-infused flair for fashion; the ever-present bright smile. You become aware of one very obvious thing: this is a woman who enjoys every bit of her melanin. And rightly so. Another thing is also immediately obvious about her; that is that she must be an artist of some sort. If you guessed this, then you are quite correct; the petite, dark-skinned beauty is an up-and-coming designer and founder of the brand “Taylor M. Styles.”


The Birth of Taylor M.

taylor m 1Born and raised in a tiny community called St. Barbs in Laventille, Trinidad and Tobago, Taylor will not say one negative word about her now violence-stricken home-town, despite admitting that it has its share of challenges.

“When I was a child, Laventille was a lovely place,” she recalled. “There weren’t as many social challenges and crime-related issues then as there are now. However, my earliest memories of growing up in Laventille are pleasant ones.”

The 27-year-old dates her love affair with fashion design all the way back to her childhood, stating that it has always been a passion of hers.

“I was always doing sketches of designs,” she said. “I still have a few scrap-books from my childhood containing some early sketches. I began designing professionally roughly two years ago. That’s when I officially became a designer by profession.”

But Taylor’s talents don’t stop at designing gorgeous outfits. Unlike many other designers, she gets in on every little detail by sewing her designs herself. Of her sewing skills, she admits she discovered them purely by chance.

“I began sewing four years ago. I accidentally ended up in a sewing class that I didn’t intend to take while completing a youth-centred skill development program called YTEPP. At first I actually didn’t like sewing, but as the course progressed, I fell in love with it.” She added with a chuckle, “That must have been divine intervention.”

The bubbly young entrepreneur, who taught herself to design, decided to combine her natural gift for sketching, her eye for fashion, her sewing abilities and her love for dashikis and other African garments to create a design house that is now known as Taylor M. Styles, which was officially registered and launched in December 2014.

“We are particularly known for Africa-inspired apparel,” she said of the Taylor M. brand. “Most persons who come to me to be styled request African wear; however, we do expand from time to time and do non-African apparel as well.”

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