Lemonade After-Taste: Do Black Women Put All Their Business Out On The Street?

group-of-african-american-womenTwo and a half days after airing on HBO, the Lemonade Visual Album still has people talking, and one of the hottest topics spun from the King Bey masterpiece is that of black women and their personal lives.

Some are of the view that the black woman can’t keep quiet about anything for too long, and can’t always contain her anger. They think when we’re hurt we’ll bust the windows out your car like Jazmine Sullivan. They think when we’ve had too many of our good years wasted on an unworthy male specimen that we’ll burn his shit like Bernadine ‘Bernie’ Harris in Waiting to Exhale. With Lemonade in the mix now, once again there’s the smell of a notion floating around that when a black woman gets hurt and then gets mad, the whole world WILL find out about it.



Curious to find out what the sisters’ opinions are on this one, we asked a few black women if they think sisters expose too much of their private lives and emotional struggles. Here’s what they had to say.


Tasha, 35

(Chuckling) “That’s actually a very good question. That’s why so many black women are feeling Lemonade, because a lot of us can look at it and listen to the lyrics and think, ‘this is so me!’ (Laughing) I don’t know if I agree that we intentionally put our business out on the street. I think what happens is, we have our little support system of friends, and then they have their network of friends. So we’ll say something about what we’re going through relationship-wise to our friends, and they might talk about it to their friends, and before you know it, it’s out there. It’s not like we intend to spread it. It just happens.”

Ingrid, 40

“I wouldn’t say that’s black women. That’s all women. Women in general tend to put their business out on the street. Women…we talk a lot. That’s what it is. It’s how we get our feelings out. Men don’t understand because they don’t deal with hurt feelings that way. They might go out and have a few drinks with their boys, hit the bar or the club to ease their minds. Women, we have to talk it out.  It’s just a female thing.”

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