Take Prince Rogers Nelson’s Name Out Your Mouth: Why Are Vicious Lies Being Spread About Prince?

uristocrat_prince-the-breakdown-990x576It’s only been one week since legendary performer Prince Rogers Nelson left us, and already there are numerous rumors arising as to exactly what was his cause of death.

Some of the most horrendous stories have surfaced, with persons seemingly coming out of nowhere, claiming they were Nelson’s “dealer” (for drugs) while he was alive. Some blogs have even gone as far as suggesting that the Academy-Award-winning musician died of AIDS, and had stopped taking his medication, which consequently led to his death.


We aren’t aware if any of this has any truth to it, but we do know one thing: this man’s name and image is being dragged through the mud by ruthless individuals either looking for their 15 minutes of fame or looking for a hot story to sell.

There is even a video currently posted on YouTube bearing a disturbing still shot of what is supposedly Nelson (or so they would have it seem) on an elevator floor. The video was posted by a popular news network which we will refrain from naming. Anything to sell a story, huh?

In light of all the drug-related rumors, I have one thing to say: any true fan of Prince Rogers Nelson will know that this man did NOT do drugs. He maintained a vegan lifestyle and refrained from alcohol consumption because he believed it aged people faster. He was also a devout Jehovah’s Witness. This man was NOT  a druggie, and it’s sad that, now that he is gone and can’t defend himself, mischievous persons are spreading far-fetched tales with wild abandon.

See the report on his supposed “cause of death” in the video clip below.

By: Danielle Dixon

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