Nia-6With over 20 years’ acting experience under her belt, many will agree that it’s about time that actress Nia Long received the respect and recognition she has worked so hard for, and it looks as if the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences thinks so as well.

Long is among 683 persons invited by the Academy to join its team, in a move to promote more diversity in future academy award nominations.


usher-006Remember that dope T-shirt Usher flaunted at the 2016 BET Awards? If you don’t, this is the one we’re talking about:




6f11da09803a43d58e2862bf93a50dc0In the wake of the #OscarsSoWhite sting, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is moving to become more diverse in terms of membership.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, 683 new prospective members have been invited to join the Academy.


marc lamont hillSince the ending of the Arsenio Hall show, we haven’t had very many opportunities, if any at all, to witness late-night talk shows hosted by black men.

Entertainment giant VH1 has decided to do something about that.


Michelle-ObamaOn Tuesday, First Lady Michelle Obama, accompanied by her mother, Marian Shields Robinson, daughters Sasha and Malia, and actress Meryl Streep, visited Morocco’s Marrakesh as part of a six-day tour to promote the education of Moroccan girls.

According to Reuters, more than a third of Morocco’s 34-million population is illiterate, with 41 percent of that figure being women.


Swerves-of-2015-drake-hotline-blingDelivering sensitive rhymes to Hip Hop fans isn’t the only thing he does; rapper Drake recently visited South Africa to impart some wisdom and motivation to his youthful South African fans.

The Canadian rapper, whose album “Views” is currently making waves on the music charts, made an appearance at the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory in Johannesburg, South Africa on Monday, and took the opportunity to share how his experiences growing up in Toronto, Canada propelled him to go after his dreams.


Handsome-Man-of-the-Day-Jesse-Williams-The-Beau-Gosse-Of-grey-s-Anatomy-Is-Dad-ToFor the past 48 hours or so, in the wake of Sunday night’s 16th annual BET Awards, I have repeatedly seen something disturbing popping up all over social media; from Twitter to Instagram. I wondered whether to write about it at all, given the sheer absurdity of the topic. Then I decided that this wasn’t something that I should keep quiet about.

So, apparently, not everyone in the black community was moved in a positive manner by Jesse Williams’ now iconic speech at Sunday night’s show. Some individuals feel that Williams’ speech wasn’t valid due to him being biracial. Others are questioning whether or not his speech would have been so well-received by the black community had he not been biracial.


tumblr_mjshelresd1s3mt0wo1_500As a millennial woman of African descent, I sometimes ponder on whether or not social media has acted as a blessing or a curse to the black female, and during my pondering,  I tend to come to this conclusion: it has been a bit of both.

The proverbial double-edged sword, helping us in some ways, while hurting us in other ways.





simone-biles-1-800On Sunday, gymnast and friend of Gabby Douglas Simone Biles won what is now her fourth consecutive gold medal in women’s gymnastics at the P&G Championships, making her the first woman to take home four national titles in a row since Joan Moore Gnat did so in 1974. Biles is also the first black female gymnast to accomplish such a feat.

Watching 19-year-old Biles in action is pure poetry, as she executes her routines with expertise and ease. But don’t take our word for it; watch her go yourself:


2100214_angela-bassett_eraits43pivwcgbah7diodapm4oxpy7q62c4u66siw3t6qwph3oq_757x425While singer Kelly Rowland is cooking up a makeup line to enhance the natural beauty of women of color, another stunning black woman in entertainment is ensuring that, when it comes to black skin, the makeup artist has the best canvas with which to work.

Actress Angela Bassett is teaming up with skincare expert and long-time friend Dr. Barbara Sturm to launch a skincare line that caters specifically to women with darker skin tones.