makeup2Caribbean people are known for their love of color, so it’s no surprise that makeup artistry is a popular profession in the Caribbean.

Caribbean makeup artists are popular for their bold choice of colors when enhancing the natural beauty of clients, their precision in the application of their art, and their obsession with creating the perfect eyebrow.

Here are three of the best makeup artists in the Caribbean.


PatraA few weeks ago, we introduced the article “Female Reggae and Dancehall Pioneers,” in which we highlighted the women who helped put Reggae and Dancehall music, now enjoyed everywhere, on the world map.

This week we present to you the second half of that article with “Female Reggae and Dancehall Pioneers Part II. See who made our list below.


georgetownGuyana continues to leave its footprint on the map of international technology.

The Caribbean island has recently released its first ever antivirus software via the Caribbean Tech Company (CTC).

CompuCare Antivirus Software, as it has been named, aims to offer PC and cyber security that succeeds where some international brands that have been on the market longer have failed; a very ambitious goal for an introductory product.


sizzlaReggae music legend Sizzla Kalonji (Miguel Orlando Collins) is about to take the stage for the 32nd annual Reggae On The River Festival to be held at French’s Camp, Garberville, California, USA, and he is certainly excited about it.

The Jamaican-born artist of international fame took to Instagram recently to share his excitement with fans. He posted,

“California guess who’s coming to bun off the stage show?!?!”


rotiTrinidad and Tobago, a tiny twin-island located in the Caribbean, is often touted to be one of the top Caribbean islands when it comes to culinary delights. In fact, the twin island was listed among the top ten best Caribbean destinations for Caribbean cuisine.

Not only are there several international fast-food restaurants easily accessible to visitors, but there are several restaurants and snack bars that serve up mouth-watering local cuisine and international cuisine with a Caribbean twist.


iCon“When an asshole whose opinion you didn’t seek makes a comment about your makeup, pull out your compact mirror and politely ask him or her to turn themselves inside out for you.”

If you think those opening lines are captivating, wait until you hear the rest of the spoken word piece entitled “In My Skin.”

Every so often, we stumble upon a poem that truly awes us, a jewel shared from the pens and mouths of the gifted ones with those who are fans of black literature.


shear_shine_uk_aaron_wallaceBeauty and grooming products designed specifically for black women have seen quite an increase in production in the past few years.

Noticeably absent, however, are an abundance of grooming products for black men. Even more difficult to find are grooming products for black men created by black men.

If you’re looking for just such a line of products, look no further.


obama waves goodbyeWith U.S. President Barack Obama about to make his exit from the White House, never again to return as President, many hearts across America, and, it seems, across the world, are breaking.

Hailed as one of the most down-to-earth leaders to ever grace the White House (not to mention the most upbeat, and the most fly) Potus has touched many lives, and has inspired many young people of color to strive for excellence.


Vicky CokerWhen Victoria Coker was mentally going over career possibilities, she very nearly opted into a career in accounting. It’s a good thing that she didn’t, or the black community would not have an ambitious new content-sharing platform to boast of.

I realized I talked too much to be an accountant,” Coker told Soulreflectionz. “And I really wanted to do something creative and I also wanted to do something business-related, so I decided to get into communications, as it enables me to combine creativity with business skills.”


r. GayMarvel Comics has enlisted feminist Roxane Gay to pen the upcoming Black Panther comic series World of Wakanda.

According to Black Enterprise, Gay will collaborate with University of Pittsburgh Professor Yona Harvey to bring to life the tale of Ayo and Aneka, former members of the Black Panther’s female security force (Dora Milaje) who are in a romantic relationship.