5 Celebrities I Stopped Messing With After They Said #Alllivesmatter is a joke and insult to the pain that Black people are feeling right now. Sadly, there are some Black and Latino celebrities who go along with this self-hating hashtag with pride. Because of their uneducated alliance, I have decided to stop fucking with the following people all together.


Nia Long – Yes, my Trini sister, but when she said this I gave her up for adoption. How dare you ignore the plight of your people! Used to love her…now I don’t.

Jennifer Lopez – She was the MILF and cougar who could do no wrong in my head…till she did. Don’t you realize that it is Blacks and Latinos being gunned down by officers just for BREATHING! Did Hollywood get to you that bad that you forgot where you came from? #alllivesmatter my ass. You wouldn’t be saying that if one of your friends or family members got murdered in the Bronx. #Icant

Michael B. Jordan – This fool went SO hard for #alllivesmatter that he went from being eye-candy to simply disgusting. He played Oscar Grant III in Fruitvale station. How is it possible that, that hashtag could leave his fingers? While all of you were swooning over how sexy he was in “Creed,” I couldn’t support someone who wouldn’t support his own and had no problem proclaiming it to the world.

Keke Palmer – From the moment I realized she was on that color blind mess, I really could not deal with her. I actually wasn’t all that surprised by her nonsense, but I’m still not fucking with her.

Janet Jackson – Why? How?!! Not you too, JANNEEEEETTTTT

For all of you who still don’t get it, here is a funny, yet 100% truth about how Black people feel when others say #alllivesmatter.


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