H. SanaaSocial media seems to be currently infatuated with what it has only just discovered, but what the black community has possessed for centuries: magical women. And while social media celebrates black girl magic, few who admire and envy black women from afar  (those without black skin) can really even guess what goes through the black woman’s mind each day and in each situation.

No one can  understand the complexities of being a black woman, save the black woman herself.


a. mahapaWhen Asnath Mahapa was just a little girl, she was fascinated with planes. Watching them from ground-level, she had no idea then that one day she would be flying one herself.

Mahapa broke several boundaries when she became the first African female pilot in her native South Africa.

“It just dawned on me that those big things that we see in the skies, someone is actually in charge of them,” she told CNN. “I thought if someone can fly this thing, that means I can also do it.”


sheeevesYashiva Robinson was just doing what she was good at when she unexpectedly became an internet sensation. If you’ve seen interesting pieces of artwork depicting black music icons such as Ice Cube, Tupac Shakur and Erykah Badu, chances are they have Robinson’s name attached to them.

The Miami native has been painting and drawing since kindergarden, and for her, creating works of art comes almost as naturally as breathing. Now wearing many hats at just the age of 26 (including visual artist, singer, tattoo artist, beautician and model) she has already turned her gift into cash, and is well on her way to building an art empire.


trini flagI might be showing some bias here, but I’m convinced that I live on the THE DOPEST island in the Caribbean, which is why, today, I am only too eager to get into all red, white and black everything, right down to my unmentionables. 😀

This day marks 54 years since the island I call home received its independence from Great Britain, and, although we have undoubtedly endured our share of growing pains as a nation, and still have a lot more growing up to do, I believe that my fellow Trinbagonians and I have much to be thankful for on our big 54th, and many reasons to celebrate. Here are some of those reasons.


Roya Marsh and Jaime Lewis“She woke up because she heard her son call her name in her sleep. You see, her son is selling poison to his own people; serving affliction to the afflicted.”

When the young man of African descent walks the streets of his depressed community and inhales, he sucks down into his lungs, into his system, along with the air, the taste of copper and death.


tia mowryActress and partner of Carefree’s “Speak Freely Campaign” Tia Mowry-Hardrict got candid in a recent interview with Vibe about what it’s like to raise a black son in a society where black mothers are forced on a regular basis to bury their children who died at the hands of crooked law-enforcement officials.

“I have a son who is black and who is going to be growing up in a society such as this,” she said. “It’s a conversation that I have with my husband all the time about, what are we going to tell Cree (my son)?”

breastfeedingAccording to findings by the CDC, black infants consistently have the lowest rates of breastfeeding initiation and duration.

For some reason, the black community is missing the memo when it comes to the importance of breastfeeding in the early stages of infancy.

Since this is Black Breastfeeding Week, Soulreflectionz.com is doing its part in ensuring that black mothers understand how imperative it is to make certain that their little ones are breastfed.


black_girl_magic_website2The hashtag #blackgirlmagic has been around for quite some time now, and has grown so greatly that it is now globally recogized and used on a daily basis on social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Now, there is a website of the very same name, which promises to deliver large doses of black girl magic 24/7, 365.


rama_musaA black businesswoman based in Switzerland is about to introduce a beauty brand/skincare line specifically for skin with more melanin.

Rama Musa is the creator of Sikasso de Suisse™, a collection of skincare products designed reinvigorate black skin and encourage softness and a healthy glow.

To finance her products, Musa has launched a 34-day crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, through which she hopes to raise $35,000 by the September 13.


being blackOh, how the time flies, but time passing quickly can be a good thing, especially when it comes to our melanin galleries.

Yes, it’s already that time again: time for a fresh installment to our Melanin Monday collection.

Each Monday,  we publish a gallery that features beautiful photographs of men, women and even children embracing their melanin. Would you like to be featured in our next Melanin Monday gallery? email a photograph of yourself or the person you’d like to see featured, along with a brief caption about why you love your melanin to danielle@soulreflectionz.com, or tweet to @tooprettydani.