Natasha Marin Seeks Reparation for Blacks

natashaA poet/conceptual artist has launched an online initiative that is encouraging Caucasians to become actively involved in in putting an end to racial injustice.

Natasha Marin of Seattle, Washington is the founder of, a forum open to the public, where Caucasians can offer reparations in the form of their belongings and/or service, and where people of color can request assistance for a specific need.

Marin explained to the Washington Post that the site, contrary to what some may think, isn’t about seeking atonement for slavery, but rather, for the injustices that present-day blacks face.


“The site isn’t about atoning for slavery,” she said. “It’s about reparations for things that happened earlier today, for yesterday, for last Thursday. This is for the present tense.”

Since its origin as a social media experiment on Facebook, the site has drawn national attention, with some going beyond simply disagreeing with its purpose and content: Marin has even received death threats.

This, however, has not phased her. She states on her website,

“For every malevolent, racist, post submitted via this website, a dollar will be donated to for folks who have specifically requested financial support. The time you invest in spewing hate could be spent supporting someone who needs you in your community. But maybe you have nothing of value to offer your community except a vile contempt for creativity, compassion, and human connection?”

The Trinidad and Tobago national added that she will continue to encourage and allow Caucasians to offer reparations in an organic manner without the regulation of government or committee.”

“[Reparations] is a word that means repair,” she said. And I feel like many people feel broken.”

Those interested in finding out more about Reparations can visit the website, and Natasha Marin’s artwork can be viewed here.

By: Danielle Dixon

Follow her on Twitter: @tooprettydani



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