Honey Sanaa Reveals What’s in the Black Woman’s Mind

H. SanaaSocial media seems to be currently infatuated with what it has only just discovered, but what the black community has possessed for centuries: magical women. And while social media celebrates black girl magic, few who admire and envy black women from afar  (those without black skin) can really even guess what goes through the black woman’s mind each day and in each situation.

No one can  understand the complexities of being a black woman, save the black woman herself.


She seems to be forever fighting to find and own her place among both blacks and non-blacks; among the black men who do not always see her as enough to satisfy them, and the white women who expect her to shake off her “sistahood” for “sisterhood,” and the black women who sometimes drag her down instead of building her up.

It’s not easy being a black woman; yet we still somehow manage to be magical.

Honey Sanaa gets it.

Take in her spoken word piece entitled “Truth Be Told” below.

By: Danielle Dixon

Follow her on Twitter: @tooprettydani

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