Why the Patrice Brown Haters Should Shut Up

stop hatingBy now at least some of you may have heard about Patrice “Tricey” Brown, the elementary school teacher from Atlanta who is now being called “the sexiest teacher alive.”

Brown, who teaches fourth graders, is being complimented by some and dragged by others, apparently for daring to be voluptuous while teaching.


Parents have taken to the internet to express their disapproval, claiming that Brown’s curves are a “distraction to the young boys she teaches.” Some have even compared her to Mary Kay Letourneau, the elementary school teacher who infamously had an affair with one of her 13-year-old students. I say cut the shit out, and here’s why.

The Woman is Fully Clothed

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In every one of her photographs taken while performing teacher duties, Brown is fully clothed. Some are arguing that her clothes are “too form-fitting,” but a woman with her body-type will be hard-pressed to find clothing through which her curves do not show. And to those of you stealing pics off this woman’s personal Instagram account, pics in which she may be showing a bit more cleavage or wearing a skirt with a higher hemline, you need to STOP. That is that woman’s personal Instagram page, and whatever she wears outside of her workplace is her own damn business and her own choice.

She Can’t Be Faulted For the Way God Made Her

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One of the things that surprised and annoyed me the most about this is that there are black women derailing this woman simply because she happens to be curvy. She’s not stick thin, and as black women, we know all about having a little extra meat in some places. I wonder, had she been a thin white woman wearing those same outfits, if anyone would be commenting on the way she was dressed. Would it still be considered “inappropriate?” Are you people suggesting that she tries to get rid of her curves somehow? There is no way that someone’s BODY-TYPE can be indecent. That’s just BS. This white-washed society has been body-shaming black women for years; let’s not do it to each other.

So Y’all Just Gonna Ignore the Fact That She’s Dope?

I guess the people mouthing off about Patrice Brown aren’t aware that she is a graduate of Albany State University in Georgia, or that she has received several awards at her school for being one of the most outstanding teachers there. She’s out there each day helping young people to achieve their full academic potential, and from the reports, it looks like she’s doing an excellent job. I suppose that stylishly dressed, accomplished melanin is just too much for some people to take.

Patrice Brown is a stunning, educated black woman with killer curves who executes her duties as a teacher exceptionally well. Get over it.

By: Danielle Dixon

Follow her on Twitter: @tooprettydani

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