Poet Steven Willis Speaks For Imprisoned Black Men

steven willisWhen America isn’t murdering black men, it is wrongfully incarcerating them.

This is the view of Steven Willis, spoken word poet and truth-teller. Willis explores the other dark side of being a black man, targeted, and often robbed of his life, if not by guns, by handcuffs and prison bars. With poetic verse, he pays homage to his “county cousins;” to young men who, at 18, before they even have the chance to taste life, have lost their freedom. With poetic verse, he calls out the warped criminal justice system, framing black men for crimes that they did not commit.


He laments that, now, instead of gathering for quality time, his family gathers to worry together in court rooms.

Even as his family cries, his grandmother tells them to dry their tears, for she’d rather see her grandchild in prison than in a casket.

Take in the poem “County Cousins” below.

By: Danielle Dixon

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