Meet Jamaica’s Caffery Van Horne

Caffery-Vanhorne-888x500Two nicknames given to him during childhood-one by his grandmother, the other by his friends-are largely responsible for the flair for fashion that Caffery Van Horne possesses today.

His grandmother called him “Clive,” and his friends called him “Jet Setter.” As Van Horne grew older, the nicknames developed into an alter ego, and a stylish one at that.


The Jamaican-born, Toronto-based fashion designer, creator of the brand “Caffery Van Horne,” gave some insight into how his alter-ego and his tasteful menswear are connected.

Van horne

“He (my alter-ego) is a fashionable character called ‘Jet Setter Clive,’ which has since been converted to ‘el hombre del mundo’ (man of the world) when I moved to Colombia,” he told AW. “The brand identity is based on all the men I wanted to be growing up, from Scarface to Teddy Pendergrass to a few dancehall notables. Confidence is necessary to pull it off; it is the wardrobe of a confident standout type of man, bold and memorable.”

Van Horne 2

Van Horne made waves at the Toronto Men’s Fashion Week back in February, garnering a fan base in Canada, America and Jamaica.

His Spring/Summer 2017 Menswear collections, entitled “My Jamaican Guy “ and “ El Hombre del Mundo,” feature interesting patterns and bold colors perfect for the dapper millennial man.

Next, Van Horne wants to create a line for women, and hopes that his brand will put Jamaican fashion at the forefront of the international fashion industry.

“There are so many talented artists here; it would be great to give some of them a chance,” he said. “As my brand grows it would be great to show the world that we don’t only excel in athletics and reggae music, but in style as well,” said Van Horne.”

To see more of Caffery Van Horne’s designs, visit his website.

By: Danielle Dixon

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