Poet Akeem Olaj’s Take on the Plight of the Black Man

A. Olaj“To be a black boy in America is to exist while others believe your blood will make the grass grow.”

-Akeem Olaj

“To be a black boy at this moment in time is to have all your bones broken and still be expected to stand.”

As a black boy growing into a black man in America, you are not expected to feel. You are not expected to complain. You are not expected to accomplish any greatness. You are expected to do nothing but bleed.


If you’re not expected to feel, how can you begin to express your feelings? And if you dare to express your feelings, you are then accused of being an overly aggressive, potentially criminal black man.

In the spoken word piece “Black Boys Die Easy,” poet Akeem Olaj describes the plight of black boys and black men in America.

Take it in below.

By: Danielle Dixon

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