Tomato, To-mat-to: 5 Foods That Are Called By Different Names in the Caribbean

green-beansOne of the most outstanding things about Caribbean culture is that it carries its own lingo; a lingo that can fill an entire dictionary/guide to the approach to language in the Caribbean.

Every-day words and phrases that are similar in many nations are often replaced by words and phrases that originated among Caribbean people; the same is true for what some foods and dishes are called.


The following five foods/dishes may be easily recognized by both American and Caribbean readers; however, they will be identified with very different names by both groups.

1) You Call it: Baked Mac n’ Cheese

Caribbean People Call it: Macaroni Pie


No matter what name it’s called by, it’s delicious.

2) You Call it: Eggplant

Caribbean People Call it: Melongene


In the Caribbean we roast these, stick them in a stew, or fry them up and make great veggie burgers with them.

3) You Call it: Rice Pilaf

Caribbean People Call it: Fried Rice


Also called mixed rice, this is a popular dish in the Caribbean.

4) You Call it: Peanut Smoothie

Caribbean People Call it: Peanut Punch


Prepared right, it certainly packs a punch.

5) You Call it: Green Beans/String Beans

Caribbean People Call it: Bodi Peas


In the Caribbean, this is a popular side dish that is prepared any way one fancies.

By: Danielle Dixon

Follow her on Twitter: @tooprettydani


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