When something occurs repeatedly, it becomes a thing which the human mind registers as a norm.

We recognize a particular object by a particular name because we have been told since birth that that was the name of the object. Therefore, we make no argument when someone refers to the object by that particular name.


koils_by_nature_app_pam_bookerAn all-natural hair and skincare products company has recently launched a mobile app that makes online shopping for its customers as easy as picking up their smartphone.

Koils by Nature‘s user-friendly app is now available via the Apple iPhone App Store for the IOS platform and on the Android platform through the Google Play store.


nzinga_anasa_braswell_on_tavis_smiley_pbs16-year-old Nzinga Anasa Braswell, accompanied by her father, participated in the annually held LEAP for Ghana mission in 2015. While there, she documented her experiences on film as a first-time visitor to Africa, and the comparison between life as an African American teen and life as a black youth in Africa.

The film, appropriately titled A Queen’s Discovery, is the winner of PBS’s To The Contrary: All About Women – International Category, and will air across America on December 9, 2016.


be_still_book_by_marilyn_randolphAuthor Marilyn Randolph, under Crystal City Publishing, has released Be Still, her first published work. Randolph is a survivor of rape and abuse, and she shares her story as a way of showing others who have faced similar trials in life to let them know that they, too, can overcome.

“I felt, that I had to share my story on how I was able to overcome my experiences and give hope to others,” Randolph says of her book. “Experiences like mine make you angry and within this rage we will not hear the guiding voice of God, who reaches out within us to bring us hope.”


halima-adenAt first glance, Somali-American teenager Halima Aden is stunning. She often wears a smile, accentuated by dimples on each cheek, that seems to go all the way up to her bright eyes.

The pretty smile isn’t the only thing that makes Aden stand out as a beauty-pageant contestant though; this inspiring young woman, who is Muslim by religion, wears her hijab to every pageant-related event.


Moving from girlhood to womanhood is a beautiful but painful process. You feel awkward, yet excited; afraid, yet alive. You want to make sure that your womanhood blooms in such a way that the women you admired as a girl; your mother, your older sisters, your mentors, can all nod their heads in approval.

Lost in the wonder of transitioning from child to woman, the blooming flower is caught off guard by the shadow of a hand looming in dark corners, waiting for the right moment to pluck her from her roots before she even has the chance to properly bloom.

commonAward-winning rapper Common is to be honored at the “Keep The Promise” concert on December 1.

The Reed for Hope Foundation (RFHF)  is partnering with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation to host the concert in Hollywood.

One of the highlights of the event is the inaugural “Love Healthy Virtual Spoken Word Slam,” which will feature appearances by several black celebrities, including Patti Labelle, Harry Belafonte, and Doug E. Fresh.

man-drinking-coffeeAccording to Heart.org, the prevalence of high blood pressure in African Americans is the highest in the world. In fact, research suggests that African Americans may carry a gene that makes them more salt-sensitive, which in turn increases the risk of developing high blood pressure.

Another disease that plagues African Americans and that is closely linked to hypertension is obesity. According to State of Obesity, as much as 75% of African Americans are overweight or obese, with 69% of that number being African American men.


six_figure_mastermind_retreat_speakers“No matter what goes down in Washington D.C., you can control your destiny. It’s not what happens in The White House – what matters most is what happens in YOUR house that will determine your future success. We’re in a season where women entrepreneurs must simply decide to live life powerfully and recognize the possibilities of the moment.”

This is the view of Felicia Phillips, founder of The PINKpreneur Network, creator of The Six Figure Mastermind events, and 26-year-veteran entrepreneur. Her words come in response to the fear that some Americans feel regarding the economy in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory at the polls.


kim_dulaney_book_pjs_shy_townPopular children’s author Kim L. Dulaney has co-written a new character-building, rhyming book for children, which features the family history of NBA star Derrick Rose and his son, PJ. The book is part of the Scholars From the Block Anti-Violence Education Initiative.

Entitled PJ’s Shy-Town, the book offers a view od the city of Chicago through the eyes of four-year-old PJ. It is the latest addition to the Fuzzy-Feeling Children’s Book Series which features best sellers “I Love Me!” and “My Best.”