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12 Things Black People Can Do Instead of Whine About the Election

Yes, it happened. That blatant racist became the President of the United States. Surprised? I’m not. This country has been run by either silent or blatant racists from its inception. When you understand this fact, a Trump win isn’t all that unexpected. Yesterday there was a ton of tears and whining about how this could happen. Instead of trying to figure that out (although it is pretty obvious) and allowing fear to take over us we need to nation build for real and create solid group economics.

The election was a wake-up call for those who still believed that this country would do right by people of color. Hopefully, now we can all be on the same page with putting our efforts into becoming a community that supports each other and doesn’t need the government to dictate if we prosper or not. Here are 12 things that we can do RIGHT NOW to help build up our people, so that it doesn’t matter who is in the White House because we got each other’s back.

Buy Black 365

  • Make a list of all of the products and services you use on a regular basis and find Black owned options for them. With the holiday season coming up we should make a conscious effort to buy gifts from Black owned companies for all of our loved ones. Here is a link to a detailed guide that will help you to do this.

Put ALL of your money into Black owned Banks

  • Yea, I said ALL, not just $100. You can diversify by using multiple Black owned banks, but we need to move all of our money into financial companies owned by US. These are the banks that want to give out small business loans and help to build up our communities

Educate ourselves on our REAL history and vast cultures. Then, we should honor them with the way we live.

  • Knowledge of self is power.

Start your own business

  • We need to start creating jobs, and not simply looking for them.

Go to school, get those degrees and get into positions of power on the local and national level

  • We need to get into positions where we make the decisions that will impact our communities.

Homeschool your child

  • This can be done full time or part time.
  • You and your friends can have weekly gatherings where you teach your children about finances, their culture, their history, math, reading (books that have characters that look like us) and how to grow their own food

Teach ourselves how to plant and grow fruits and vegetables.

  • Self-preservation
  • Treat your body like the temple it is with healthy food
  • We can sell these good to our communities instead of them having to trek to Trader Joes or Whole Foods for quality produce.

Start our own daycares/preschools and schools in general

  • We need to stop depending on this country to educate our children.

Volunteer with and support local grass roots organizations that are run by us and are for our betterment

  • There are tons of non-profits and organizations that are doing the work in your community right now. You can help them accomplish their goals by becoming a member or volunteering.

Start a rites of passage program for young boys or girls in your community or put your child in one

  • These programs give children valuable skills and teach them useful life lessons that will help them to navigate this world as a young man or woman of color.

Practice real community group economics

  • Have community meetings outside of your community board meetings to discuss the real issues and create action plans.
  • It could be with your friends or all of your neighbors within a 10- block radius. Lay out how you can help each other financially and socially. Find out what skills and resources are needed and who within the community can supply them.
  • Keep the money circulating in our communities…period
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