Surviving Donald Trump: A Message to Black America

i-am-very-blackWhen Donald Trump was announced President Elect on Tuesday, shock waves reverberated not just around America, but around the entire world.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; there has never been an uglier election campaign, and, needless to say, its outcome was that much more unpleasant.


In the black community in America, many of you were between a rock and a hard place; you didn’t like Hillary Clinton, and you didn’t like Donald Trump. For those of you who did in fact vote, it came down to choosing between what appeared to be the lesser of the two evils (but was there even a lesser evil? Or were the two just the same thing in a different costume?).

Black America, many of you have broken hearts today, and many of you are afraid. I can’t tell you how many Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts I’ve seen of black Americans talking about leaving America.

The thing is, black America, I don’t think you realize just how much power you have, or how you easily outnumber those who try to erase you. I’d like for all of you to dry your tears and stop weeping long enough so that you can properly read what I’m about to say.

Your Vote Never Counted in the First Place; the Powers-That-Be Just Tried to Make it Appear That Way

In 1965, America fooled you into thinking that you had the right to vote, and that your vote would actually matter, but you have been robbed of the right to have your voice heard for many, many years. I have three words for you: ELECTORAL COLLEGE SYSTEM. While many other countries simply elect a president or prime minister based on popular vote, America’s Electoral College System makes damn sure that the voice of the people is ignored. Wake up, black America. NOTHING in the American constitution gives ANY American voter the right to choose his/her president, including you. That power is reserved for 538 “electors” who will meet in their respective states on December 19th. They pick the president, not you. That’s why back in 2000, then- democratic presidential candidate Al Gore won half a million more votes than George W. Bush nationwide, but still lost the presidency.

Learn From the Asians

Remember a few paragraphs up when I said you have more power as a community than you realize? I have always observed Asian communities wherever I went; whether it was the Caribbean, or the the United States, and one thing I’ve noticed about them is that they stick together. Presidents can come and go, but the Asian community always survives and does well, because they practice a powerful thing called GROUP ECONOMICS. They keep the money within their community. Black people, you have got to start doing the same thing. If there is one rule that is universal, it is that money talks. KEEP THE MONEY IN THE COMMUNITY. It has never been about the government; no government will ever be willing to help you. You have to start taking care of each other.

I’m Talking to All Minorities, Not Just Blacks

I hope the Latino community is listening. I hope the LBGT community is listening. I hope the Muslims are listening. I hope the women’s rights activists are listening. When Donald Trump campaigned, he insulted each and every one of you, and threatened your right to feel safe in America. If all minorities could unite and stick together, imagine the force to be reckoned with that we could create.

Don’t Run

I understand why many of you may want to leave America for some place where you can feel safe; a place where you can feel respected as a human being. But while some of you may be able to leave, what about those who can’t? When you leave, what happens to the others in the black community who don’t have any other choice but to live in America? Are you going to bail on them? Is it going to come down to every black man for himself? Think about that.

Black America, above all else, please remember that you are not alone. The rest of the black community worldwide stands with you.

By: Danielle Dixon

Follow her on Twitter: @tooprettydani

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