Natasha Hooper on “The Art of Becoming”

When something occurs repeatedly, it becomes a thing which the human mind registers as a norm.

We recognize a particular object by a particular name because we have been told since birth that that was the name of the object. Therefore, we make no argument when someone refers to the object by that particular name.


Similarly, seeing something happen often enough can trick the human brain into accepting it as routine; as normal.

Black bodies hit the ground almost daily, and what follows are hashtags and social media posts. Have so many black lives been lost, that we have now become desensitized to the sheer unfairness of a black life being taken because of racism? We readily hashtag the names of those who have lost their lives, but are we just as ready to fight so that more black people can stay alive?

Natasha Hooper forces the black community to think about that in the poem “The Art of Becoming.”

Take a look.

By: Danielle Dixon

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