ttoc_awardsOlympians Keshorn Walcott and Michelle Lee Ahye have been named the 2016 Sportsman and Sportswoman of the year in Trinidad and Tobago.

The two received the coveted titles at the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee’s (TTOC) Award Ceremony on Thursday.


CT-MET-KWANZAA-CTMAIN 1227 SRToday is the fifth day of Kwanzaa, and although it isn’t widely observed in the Caribbean, there are some persons of African descent residing here who celebrate the occasion.

Along with the fifth day of Kwanzaa comes the fifth principle of Kwanzaa, which is Nia. Nia in Kwanzaa means purpose, and it teaches us to work to restore the greatness that was originally ours.

The break down of Nia, or purpose, among Afro-Caribbean nationals is truly disheartening. One way in which there has been a breakdown is that blacks in the Caribbean barely even know who they are historically speaking. The one thing taught about Africans in Caribbean schools is slavery. Nothing is taught of the rich culture that was stolen from the Africans when they were enslaved.


abaco-beach-view-in-the-bahamasThe travel experts at guidebook publisher Lonely Planet have listed a Caribbean island as one of the seven best locations to ring in the new year.

The lucky island to make the list is The Bahamas, with special reference being made to its capital city, Nassau, which is known for its colorful street parties.

Bailey Johnson, destination editor for Central America and the Caribbean, wrote the following review about the lively city:

a-boldonJust over 20 years ago, Trinidad and Tobago’s Ato Boldon placed the tiny twin island of his birth on the world map when he medalled at the Olympics. Now retired, he is once again doing Trinidad and Tobago proud, having been named one of the best television analysts of the year by Sports Illustrated.

The 42-year-old four-time Olympic medallist received the honor along with NBC’s Roddy Gaines for his informative commentary during the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

uncle-ellisNot too long ago, Ellis Reid, the man who has come to be known internationally as “Uncle Ellis,” was homeless. The only roof over his head was the sky over the city of Port-Of-Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago. As a means of survival, he sometimes sold light refreshments (when he could afford to) and performed a comical dance for the entertainment of passersby that has since been dubbed “The Uncle Ellis Wine.”

Reid’s breakthrough came when he was invited to perform onstage by local DJ-turned-artiste “Salty” during the 2016 Carnival celebrations in Trinidad and Tobago.


ujamaaSoul men and women, it is the fourth day of Kwanzaa, and today, we bring attention to Ujamaa, Kwanzaa’s fourth principle. Ujamaa is defined as Cooperative Economics; in short, making sure black dollars circulate within the black community.

Our readers would have observed that all year round, we write articles about black-owned businesses, so that we can show you that there is variety in black-owned businesses, and that there is no reason why everything you purchase, from beauty products to laundry detergent, shouldn’t be purchased from black-owned companies. There is no need to wait for a special occasion or the Holiday season to do so; these companies are open for business year round.

Photo credit: Marshall Goff

Photo credit: Marshall Goff

What would you do if you were told that the child you were about to welcome into the world would have special needs? That he/she would be born with what science coldly terms a “genetic disorder?”

It would take great strength, and even greater love, to bring forth this child, care for his/her special needs, and raise him/her to manhood/womanhood.


donald_folden_washington_african_american_black_history_tours“There are no premiere African American tours in the District of Columbia with its rich African American history, and it’s time to change that.”

These are the words of Community Activist Donald Foden, who is currently hard at work to ensure that the lack of African American history in the district is a thing of the past.

Via his company, Capital Buddy Tours, Foden recently launched 2 new African American history tours in the city; one, The DC Underground Railroad Tour, the other, The DC Black History Night Tour. Teaming up with him for these history tours is historian Hari Jones, who will serve as the tour guide. Foden commented, “Breaking into the tour market of DC is not easy when you’re trying to get people to #seemoreofdc and truly enjoy what we have to offer here, and your information is about Black people.”


why_not_us_book_by_sandra_octavian_braxton2Sandra and Octavian Braxton, who first met while they were both serving in the U.S. Air Force, have been married for 18 years. Once they decided that they wanted to start a family, they were faced with a harsh reality: infertility.

Not knowing where to look to for assistance, having to try to find solutions to the problem on their own, and emotional exhaustion from the experience inspired the couple to document what they had been through, and how they overcame it, so as to help others facing the same difficulties to cope. Together, they penned the book Why Not Us, a detailed description of their 12-year-journey dealing with infertility. There aim is to be a voice for the persons who are currently struggling with infertility but are too embarrassed by it to speak out about it, and to bring awareness to it for those who may not know how heartbreaking it can be.


psst_please_somebody_speak_truth_by_karen_sloan-brownIn the opinion of author Karen Sloan-Brown, President-elect Donald Trump won the United States presidency for two main reasons: he is a master manipulator, and he is excellent at persuasion. She believes that, like many other politicians, Trump plays upon the weaknesses of his supporters, and keeps them in his corner by communicating all the things that they want to hear to them.

Brown is the author of Psst: Please Somebody Speak The Truth  a new book that that aims to uncover the truths and untruths about eighteen important subjects, among them capitalism, democracy, Iraq and ISIS, income inequality, gun control, and the criminal justice system. She stated, “This nation can’t continue to cast its votes based on name recognition.”