Study: Young Black Women Face More Discrimination than Young Black Men

young-black-womenA new study has revealed that encounters with racism happen at a very early age for blacks, and can be more frequent for black girls than for black boys.

The study, conducted by Columbia Law School and the African American Policy Forum, is entitled “Black Girls Matter: Pushed Out, Overpoliced and Underprotected.”

The findings were based on the experiences of black female students in New York and Boston.

“What we found was absolutely astonishing,” said Kimberlé Crenshaw, law professor at UCLA and lead author of the report. “We found that in New York, for example, black girls were disciplined 10 times more often than white girls. And in Boston, they were disciplined 11 times more often than white girls.”


She added that additional research is needed to determine the cause of the disparity between black girls and white girls being greater than the disparity between black boys and white boys.

“We have some suggested analysis that comes from other research and what some of the girls told us,” she added. “The girls told us that first of all, they felt that there were particular stereotypes that their teachers had on them – that they were loud, that they were rowdy, they were defiant.”

Crenshaw also made mention of the fact that black girls tend to be suspended for “subjective offenses,” rather than actual violations of school rules, and that these suspensions/punishments are doled out at the teachers’ discretion.

What are your thoughts on these findings? Do you feel as though they are accurate? Could they potentially give rise to a division between black men and black women when it comes to fighting for one common cause? Sound off in the comments.

By: Danielle Dixon

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