Gun Violence, Police Brutality and the Black Man: Brittney Black Rose Kapri Speaks Truth

britteney-black-rose-kapriWhat happens when a community, a city and a country gives up on a black man? when the education system gives up on him? When his own father turns his back on him, forcing him to struggle to manhood on his own, and adopt negative ideas of what manhood should be from individuals who were never meant to be role models in the first place?

What happens when a black man wakes up every day knowing that today, he might be on the receiving end of a bullet from a gun that could either be held in the hands of a citizen in ordinary clothing, or a citizen in law-enforcement blue?


Fear happens, and that black man, and all the people who love him, go into survival mode.

Spoken word artist Britteney Black Rose Kapri speaks truth as seen through her eyes in the piece entitled “Gun Smoked.”

It will make you stop and think.

Listen below.

By: Danielle Dixon

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