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On Creating Black History-

blackhistorymonthIt’s February 1st, and the start of Black History Month. At this time of the year, I always fall into deep, deep thought. I think about the many people in my ethnic group who struggled; the ones whose names we know, and the one whose names we don’t, to enable us to live, to be educated, to have careers. And though in many ways we are still fighting to be free, we’d be ungrateful to say that we did not benefit from their struggle.

Black History isn’t just about our past;black people living in the present time are creating Black History every day. The entertainers, and the artists, and the teachers, and the motivational speakers, established and upcoming, are all contributing to the creation of Black History. Are we paying enough attention to them? Are we taking notice?

One of the questions I ask myself at this time of year is, “What are you doing to contribute to Black History? How are you creating Black History personally?” The answer is, I’m not doing enough.

When I look at those who came before me, men and women who used their talent, or their voice, or both, to create positive Black History, I know that I have work to do, especially if I want those coming after me to have something to look back on.

we must begin to tell our young

I invite you to do the same; to work to give the young black people coming after us something to look back on. Think of what you can do and what instruments you can use to create Black History.

My voice, my candle, and my sword, is my pen. I may not be a mathematical genius like Katherine Johnson, but if I can achieve with words what she achieved with numbers (greatness), then I would have done my part to help create Black History. I may not be a great motivational speaker like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but if I can shake the entire world with my pen the way he shook the world with his speeches, then I would have contributed to the creation of Black History.

Go forth and make history, Kings and Queens.

Happy Black History Month.

By: Danielle Dixon

Follow her on Twitter: @tooprettydani



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