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Black History in the Making: Gianni Graham

gianni grahamSome little girls have so many Barbie Dolls that they are able to choose a different one from their collection every time they play. For other little girls, being able to afford even one Barbie Doll is a luxury, and for others, still, a luxury they cannot afford.

Gianni Graham felt that no little girl should ever have to grow up without having experienced the simple joy of having a Barbie Doll of her own to play with, and she has set out on a mission to meet that need. 

The generous 10-year-old donates Barbie Dolls to homeless shelters and other places where less fortunate young girls reside.

A Heart-Touching Idea Takes Flight

Graham, a native of Norfolk, Virginia, refers to other little girls as “dolls,” and, as such, they deserve a doll. She initially gave Barbie Dolls to homeless shelters as Christmas presents for young girls who lived in those shelters, but it wasn’t long before the gesture took flight, pushing the young philanthropist to seek innovative ways to keep her initiative going and to expand it.

For one thing, she needed to make money to purchase all the wrapping paper she would need to nicely wrap the Barbies. To do so, she began designing, crafting and selling her own earrings. The earrings are fashioned from fabric that she purchases at craft stores. Little Gianni was no longer just a philanthropist; she was now an entrepreneur.

Spreading Love With Personal Messages

As a personal touch, Graham includes a hand-written note with each Barbie Doll that she gives away. Since her charity’s inception, she has collected and donated close to 5,000 dolls. She now feels that she is doing her part in ensuring that these little girls know that they are special, beautiful, and loved.

She stated,

“The girls that are in the foster homes may think, ‘No one loves me,’ ‘I’m not beautiful,’ ‘I’m not anything,’ But they actually are, and I want them to find that in themselves!”

Watch Gianni Graham talk about her charity below.

By: Danielle Dixon

Follow her on Twitter: @tooprettydani


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