Callaloo Does It Again with ‘The Legend of the Golden Coqui’ Live Show

Callaloo The Legend of the Golden Coqui

Photo Credit: Christopher Creese

Culture. Comedy. Creativity. Those are the three words that come to mind when I think about the show for the latest installment in the Callaloo book series, “The Legend of the Golden Coqui”. I attended the live performance of this amazing children’s book in Washington, D.C. with my son and we were both enamored by the story and the characters.

Callaloo is more than just one of my favorite dishes from the Caribbean, but it is the name of a groundbreaking children’s media brand. It promotes cultural literacy and social awareness education for toddlers and children ages 3-7 through books, animation, live performances, digital content, games and art education tools. The two creators, Marjuan Canady and Nabeeh Bilal not only write, produce and illustrate these magical stories, but they act in all of the performances as well. Their contributions to the education of young children about the history and traditions of the African Diaspora are endless.

The live expansion of their second book, Callaloo: The Legend of the Golden Coqui was fun, engaging and relatable. Everyone in the audience from the tiniest baby to the wisest elders laughed and smiled as Puerto-Rican culture took center stage. The two main characters, Winston and Marisol, were given life through the voice and puppeteering of Canady and Bilal. Everything from the lights, to the music, to the dancing made you feel like you were on the tropical island of Puerto Rico watching the adventure of finding the Golden Coqui unfold right before your eyes.


The thing I loved most about this show was how engaging the cast was with the audience. They would come out into the crowd and include the children and parents in the show. At the end, they even brought up some of the children to dance on stage to celebrate finding the Golden Coqui. I recommend this for any adult who wants to expose their children to the beauty of the culture from the African Diaspora. Afro-Latino history matters. You won’t be disappointed.

If you want to find out where and when Callaloo will be performing next, go to their website: www.callalookids.com.


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