One Black Man’s Take on How a Black Woman Should Choose Her King

queenI was having a discussion with my cousin, who is more like my sister; a discussion that was stretched across the distance of two countries, and the phone connection wasn’t that great. But despite the fact that I often received her messages in delayed time, one message came across loud and clear.

We were talking about what we wanted in a significant other, and she was telling me that it seems as though no one wants to wait for real love any more, and that people are just settling out of fear; fear of winding up alone. She said she would rather wait for the real thing than settle out of fear, and that message sank in. 

It got me thinking about how us black women spend a long time working on ourselves, polishing our crown, only to have that crown knocked off our heads by the wrong men; men who lie, cheat, abuse, and in some cases, do all three.

Queens, if one of you is going through such an experience today, could it be that you’re the one standing in the way of your own happiness? What would happen if you became brave enough, and strong enough, to wait for what you truly deserve, and to walk away from any relationship that threatens to take away your peace?

A brother who goes by the name Dichotomy the  Poet has a few pearls of wisdom to share with you on this topic. Take in what he has to say in the video below.

By: Danielle Dixon

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