trini foodOver a dozen Caribbean islands will have the opportunity to show the world what they’re made of-at least when it comes to culinary delights-at Caribbean305, the region’s newest culinary and cultural celebration set to take place on Miami’s Jungle Island  on Saturday, June 3, 2017 at 8 p.m.

Caribbean305 will be henceforth presented annually by the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA), and will kick-start South Florida’s celebrations of Caribbean-American Heritage Month by welcoming food lovers, Caribbean nationals, and residents of South Florida to taste the expansive and mouth-watering cuisine of the Caribbean.  

Summer weddings have always been a thing, and the Caribbean has always been the a sought-after destination to tie the knot.

CNN’s Krisanne Fordham recently set out on a quest to find 25 of world’s most beautiful and luxurious honeymoon hotels, and among the chosen are four Caribbean properties, located in Cap Juluca in Anguilla, Belmond La Semanna in St Martin, The Caves in Jamaica, and Dominica’s Secret Bay respectively. 

cooking-with-herb (1)A new cookbook featuring recipes that all contain marijuana will soon be released, by none other than Cedella Marley,  the first born child of reggae royalty couple Bob and Rita Marley.

The cookbook, entitled “Cooking with Herb: 75 Recipes for the Marley Natural Lifestyle,”
is currently being promoted on several major online platforms, one of which is Amazon, and has been described as “more than a collection of recipes—it’s a lifestyle book reflecting the Marley Natural brand’s holistic clean living philosophy.” 

animation_training (1)A project that aims to train 150 young people per year for the global animation industry (which is currently worth US$230-billion) has been launched in Jamaica.

Creative Industries Education and Employment Programme (CIEEP), a US$779,000 investment, will provide industry training of an international standard   in 3D animation for feature films. 

wyclef_jean_rectGrammy award winner Wyclef Jean will now join the performance lineup for the Tobago Jazz Experience (TJE) 2017 tonight.

Jean was chosen as the replacement for neo-soul singer D’Angelo, who cancelled his appearance due to the death of his grandfather. 

andypalmerban01Andy Palmer is a folk-rock singer out of Denver, and if you haven’t yet heard his music, you’re in for a treat.

Palmer’s haunting vocal style has been compared to the likes of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash (but with that extra soul that only a black musician can inject into his art) and his lyrics are more often than not used to send a strong message. 

kelvin doeKelvin Doe, born in Sierra Leone, showed great entrepreneurial potential and ambition from an early age. He had a passion for engineering even as a child, and was the person other boys and girls sought whenever they had an electronic device that needed to be repaired.

He regularly searched for and collected spare parts, which he would use to build batteries, transmitters and generators. By the time he was eleven years old, Doe had managed to build his own radio station from which he could broadcast news and music. He constructed the radio station using only discarded metal, cargo boxes, and cables. 

trayvon-martin-michael-brown-shooting-racist-claims-mahatma-gandhis-grandson-665x385 (1)Every teenager attempts to make a memorable statement on prom night, especially when it comes to their choice of wear.

One teen’s dress, like others before it, has gone viral, but not just for its stylishness, as you’re about to find out. 

momma did you hear the newsFor black parents, having “the talk” with their kids isn’t just about the birds and the bees; it’s also about being black in America and what it entails, namely, being at risk of suffering police brutality.

Former social worker  Sanya Gragg wanted to make it easier for black parents to have this discussion with their kids, hence penning the children’s book Momma, Did You Hear The News?  

ifetayoali-landingperformanceshotThe name  Ifetayo Ali-Landing is one you should take note of, as you may be hearing it everywhere soon.

The 14-year-old, who plays cello, won herself first place in the 20th Annual Sphinx Competition’s junior division in February.

The competition, held in Detroit, Michigan, provides an opportunity for teens and college-aged black and Latino kids who play string instruments to compete among experienced and professional musicians.