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Former Rapper Richard Simpson Advocates For Black Health

chubb_rock_speaking_on_black_health_issuesRapper Chubb Rock, real name Richard Simpson, had his stint as a Hip Hop artist back in the early 1990s, but his current focus is on something other than Hip Hop, and that is the health of African Americans. His keen interest in black health arose from the fact that ailments such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure continue to plague the black community. 

Rap Music Wasn’t His Only Passion

Simpson is a former National Merit Scholar who was also a pre-med student, but dropped out of Brown University to pursue a career in music. Though music kept him busy, he made it priority to ensure that his family ate well. One of the reasons for this is his father died of type 2 diabetes, and he struggles with this ailment himself. A Jamaican by birth, he noticed that family members who remained in Jamaica lived longer and were generally healthier than those who moved to the U.S. This got him to thinking that there must be something about the black American’s lifestyle habits that encourages illness. He began working on a documentary which focused on the health and healthcare challenges of actors, musicians, athletes and public figures, and had these persons share their personal struggles with staying healthy.

The Mission

Simpson believes it is time that the black community starts having candid discussions about our lifestyle habits and our health. He stated,  “I want people to be encouraged to go to the doctor and get regular checkups, but I also want other celebrities to hear from each other. They need to get help in all kinds of areas.”

He concluded,

“We are often priced out of good health. The healthy foods or life-saving procedures aren’t accessible. So many young people don’t see school as their thing. We have to change the narrative… it’s our water, food, and air.”

For additional details about Richard Simpson, visit his official website.

By: Danielle Dixon

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