How Glennae E. Davis Won the Battle Over Systematic Discrimination

glennae_e_davis_nurse_founder_naesvisionFor the period 2012-2016, registered nurse Glennae E. Davis was the target of systematic discrimination that was so severe that it drove her to the point of seeking psychiatric care. During this time, though she sought to exercise the Americans with Disability Act, Davis, along with her family, went without vested benefits and financial support for two years. Since the UCLA is self-insured, she did not qualify for state disability insurance.

She faced only two options: either to accept  physical and psychiatric diagnosis and psychiatric and opioid prescriptions, and their treatment plans, or work as though she didn’t need an accommodation just to receive a paycheck. 

Despite the odds against her, Davis chose to stand up for her rights, and fought back. Her memoir,  Yet Here I Stand, My Journey from Bondage to Liberty tells her story and is a beacon of hope to those who may be struggling through a similar situation. She is also the founder of, a Nurse Enterprise in Media with various  health education and health promotion products designed to help African Americans cope with and overcome mental health challenges even when faced with unpropitious corporate systems that have gone unaddressed by traditional healthcare options.

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By: Danielle Dixon

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