“MIDAS, ” a Photo Editorial Inspired by Reparations

midasbanner01According to Greek mythology, King Midas, ruler of the city of Phrygia, possessed a great, seemingly insatiable desire for gold. When Dionysus, the god of wine, visited the city, the king made a wish that everything he touched would turn to gold, and Dionysus granted him that wish.

The moral of that story, as many already know, is that greed/gluttony never ends well. One Brazilian photographer has re-imagined that story and put a creative spin on it.

Luiz Moreira has turned the story of King Midas into a message inspired by reparations about the beauty of being black. In the photo editorial entitled “MIDAS,” King Midas is a black man who, when he touches his own skin, discovers that his inner glow, which shines on the outside, is golden. In Moreira’s own words, the change in the skin-tone from black to gold represents “the ransom of everything that has been taken away from black people for generations in history being taken back to its body, thus showing its true value.”

Take in pure poetry in the form of pictures below.

Luiz Moreira (photographer, filmmaker, director, producer) Instagram: @Lp.moreira (www.lpmoreira.com)

Jean Woolmay D. Pierre (model): @woolmay_mayden

Yuri Monacelli (beauty): @yuri_monacelli

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