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Check Out the Unique Burlesque of Wit López and Eva Wǒ

whitney lopezWhy shouldn’t a woman love herself just as she is? Especially a black woman?

We women put ourselves through painstaking beauty routines everyday, making sure that every hair is in place, every extra calorie is avoided, and that anything considered unsightly by the majority of the world’s general population is removed, all in the name of conforming to the societal standard of “beauty.” 

Photographer  Eva Wǒ and visual and performance artist Wit López aren’t having any of that, and they’re celebrating the freeing of themselves from those constraints in a brilliant new photo editorial.

López explains,

“I told Eva that I always wanted to try my hand at burlesque, but my fear of being more of a spectacle than spectacular kept me from doing so. Eva offered to be the photographer, and our shoot was born. This photo shoot is important to me as a disabled, fat, hairy, gender non-conforming Black person because it allows me to walk that line of spectacularizing myself in a performance way, while also reclaiming my power over how I am perceived as a human being. For me, this shoot was empowering and humanizing, and I’m grateful to Eva for capturing it.”

Check out the awe-inspiring series below.

Photographer: Eva Wo
Model: Whitney Lopez

By: Danielle Dixon

Follow her on Twitter: @tooprettydani

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