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How Olympia Auset is Making the Vegan Lifestyle Affordable to All

Olympia Auset, founder of SUPRMARKT

Olympia Auset, founder of SUPRMARKT

Olympia Auset is the founder of  SÜPRMARKT, an inexpensive, pop-up style grocery that provides 100% organic produce to areas that cannot easily access food.

Auset, 26, a native of Los Angeles and a Howard University graduate, follows a vegan diet, and found a measure of difficulty in easily accessing healthy vegan food for purchase. In fact, she had to travel 2 hours by bus from her home in Inglewood every time she needed to do her grocery shopping. Wanting to assist others living close by who were also following a healthy diet plan, she decided to create and launch her own organic grocery store. 

Killing Two Birds With One Stone

While there are a variety of organic and vegan grocery stores, many of them are expensive, and so persons trying to stay healthy on a budget have difficulty obtaining what they need to do so. Auset’s objective is to make health and healing readily available to communities that need them the most. She commented,

“I think the greatest takeaway about this project is it shows there are things every person can do to tackle societal issues that face their community. It isn’t always about waiting on corporations or governments to get things done.”

How it Works

Auset partnered with established organic suppliers in the Los Angeles area to distribute food deemed “un-sellable” to communities that can make use of such food.

The company’s subscription service provides low-cost weekly packages of produce, with EBT accepted for all food sales.

Since 2016,  SÜPRMARKT has sold hundreds of cases of vegetables, organic fruits, and seeds. The grocery has also received support in the form of grants from The Pollination Project and Co-opportunity, and from prominent figures in food such as Robert Egger of LA Kitchen and organizations like The Underground Museum.

For additional details on   SÜPRMARKT, go here.

By: Danielle Dixon

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