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How Carolyn Howell Runs One of the Most Successful Event-Planning Companies in America

carolyn_howell_founder_events_usaCarolyn Howell wears many hats: she is a visionary, an entrepreneur, and a master event planner. She is also the founder of Events USA, one of the most prosperous black-owned event-planning companies in America.

In the space of two decades, the Washington, DC-based Events USA has planned, organized and hosted over 2,400 corporate events, all of them successful, and Howell has several high-profile clients, some of which include Cox Communications, Time Warner, Accenture, BMW, Microsoft, Samsung, and the American Diabetes Association. 

More Than Just a Party-Planner

While Events USA has certainly planned its share of successful parties for its many corporate clients, these parties were not without purpose. It is Howell’s belief that any event organized for a company ought to contribute to and positively reinforce that company’s culture, ultimately contributing to the company’s overall vision.

Her events are  workshops, conferences, retreats, and/or team building events that promote a positive, healthy relationship between the company’s employees and its clients. She stated,  “Such corporate events are a necessary part of any healthy company’s calendar.”

Her Winning Method

In order to create a mental picture of what a client’s event ought to be like, and to bring that picture to a reality, Howell begins by listening to her client’s ideas, and assessing how much space is available at the chosen venue, before developing her event plan and choosing décor. She commented,

“We take into account the entire space, including entrances and travel paths, when choosing décor. How many people will attend? Is it a day or night event? Who is attending? Everything factors into our final choices.”

Once her client’s ideas and the venue space comes together, she then supplies the décor to complete the project.

Added to her winning method, Howell has one particular special ingredient that keeps her clients coming back for a taste of her event-planning genius: she is professional and reliable.

For additional details on Carolyn Howell and Events USA, visit the company’s website and follow them on Facebook.

By: Danielle Dixon

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