child abduction

The Silenced Cry of the Missing Black Girl

child abductionAccording to a recent academic study which analyzed news coverage of missing children, only 20% of all news stories reported focus on missing black children.

Black teen girls continue to be disproportionately reported missing from their communities and homes. In 2014 alone, a whopping 64,000 black women were missing across the United States of America; however, the number of missing black women did not match the number of publicized missing person reports on black women. 

Why does this continue to happen?

It is yet another way of non-black law enforcement officials and racially biased news channels sending one resounding message: that the lives of young black girls and women do not matter.

Ashley August raises her voice in solidarity with these missing girls and women.

Take in her poem “Lost Girls” below.

By: Danielle Dixon

Follow her on Twitter: @tooprettydani

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