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Watch What Happens When a Black Poet Performs in a Cafe Full of White People

deborah armstrongWhen Deborah Armstrong walked into a random cafe; a cafe with not a single black patron in sight, both  the attendants, and the customers must have thought she was there just to get some light refreshment. She wasn’t.

This brave queen was there to deliver a message, and deliver it, she did. She proceeded to belt out poetic verses that seemed to rise up from her very core; verses about slain black men and women, about her own shame at becoming almost completely desensitized; that is, until violence against a black man came close to home, and about black men remaining proud, brave, and strong, even while staring death, dressed in law enforcement blue, in the face. 

As she delivered verse after verse, crying out for the world to show black lives respect, the irony in the video only served to emphasize her message; the white patrons in the cafe looked at her briefly, and then, looking away, ignored her; pretended she wasn’t there. Some didn’t even look at her at all.

As she completed her message, she received no applause from her indifferent audience, but she walked out of that cafe with her head held high, knowing that she had done what she set out to do.

You absolutely must put whatever you’re currently doing on pause, and watch this video.

Check it out below.

By: Danielle Dixon

Follow her on Twitter: @tooprettydani

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