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A Fresh Perspective on the Phrase “White People Are Crazy”

asia bryant wilkersonBlack folk throw around the phrase “White people are crazy” all the time. Among Afro-Caribbean people (like yours truly) the phrase sounds more like “Is only white people does do them kinda shit,” (translation: if a Caucasian person does something irrational it can be chalked up to the fact that he/she is white, and that craziness comes with the territory). 

And while the phrase is sometimes taken as a light-hearted joke, and poet Asia Bryant-Wilkerson introduces it as such, it can also have a deeper, more sinister meaning, and be applied to far more serious situations. For example, it’s insane to pretend as though there is no such thing as white privilege. And it’s definitely insane to believe that racism doesn’t exist.

Take in the poem “White ppl are crzy!” below.

By: Danielle Dixon

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