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How Chrissa McFarlane Raised $7.2 Million to Build Her App

chrissa_mcfarlane_founder_patientoryWhen Chrissa McFarlane came up with  Patientory, an advanced healthcare app which enables the connecting of digital medical records without the privacy risk, naturally, she needed to find a way to fund her creation. And receive funding for her app, she did.

In just a matter of three days, McFarlane was able to raise a whopping $7.2 million via online crowdfunding. 

How She Did It

McFarlane launched a campaign on Kickstarter that attracted 1,728 investors. With this money, she was able to expand her company which addresses the urgent need for such an application; one that stores confidential medical data in  a secure digital environment that is hack-proof.

The app also has the ability to store a patient’s entire health history and determine who can gain access to that information.

A Breakthrough in Healthcare

According to McFarlane, her app uses what is called ” blockchain technology,” i.e. the coordinating of patient information via a blockchain health information exchange.

Its privacy guarantee and convenience makes it a significant breakthrough in the approach to storing medical information.

For additional details on  Patientory, visit the company’s official website.

By: Danielle Dixon

Follow her on Twitter: @tooprettydani



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