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Jamaica, Trinidad &Tobago Listed Among Destinations Not to be Missed

Trinidad & TobagoA recent list comprising 20 of world-wandering experts’ favorite destinations includes two Caribbean islands.

The collection, compiled for CNN by Danae Mercer, featured Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago, and was based on recommendations that came from a variety of sources, including travel photographers, tour operators, pilots, hospitality professionals, and travel writers. 

Here’s what was said about the two islands respectively:

On Jamaica:

“Jamaica is such an amazing destination. There’s stunning scenery, fabulous food and an unbelievable musical history,” says Matt Vlemmiks, head of product and commercial at Elegant Resorts.

Days can be spent hiking in the mountains with a Rastafarian guide who will take travellers to secret waterfalls or off to explore stunning coffee plantations, he adds.

Vlemmiks recommends staying at Strawberry Hill, where guests can see the city’s twinkling lights beyond the mountains while hearing faint reggae beats.

Or head over to Goldeneye to channel James Bond. Ian Fleming used to live where the property is situated and wrote many of the Bond novels there.


On Trinidad & Tobago

“It’s quite the drive and public transit is not an option, so travellers should make sure to rent a car or have a local driver,” says Katelyn Smith, founder of The Remote Nomad.

“The beach itself is a great spot for surfing. Across the road I’d recommend grabbing some ‘bake and shark,’ a popular local dish, along with the local brew, Carib.”

Depending on the time of year, travellers might even get a glimpse of the baby sea turtles hatching, she says.

One tip: Slang is everywhere, even on public signs. Spot a sign saying “No liming?” It means no “hanging out” or “chilling” in that spot.


By: Danielle Dixon

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