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CarMarshal Brings the Sweetest Deals to Vehicle Buyers

CarMarshal is a black-owned digital platform where persons shopping for cars can find the best deals, and are sure to get value for their money.

The online service, founded by Tracey Watts, boasts an inventory of over 100,000 new and used vehicles and dealerships across America, and provide a plethora of options, along with individually-tailored service, for each customer. 

“We’re a hybrid between a website that has pre-arranged deals and a personal negotiator. Some websites have fees that they’ll never tell you about. Our fee is $40. Our deals are completely 100% real time; every individual might have a different deal available to them on the same car. You don’t pay us until you’re satisfied that we’ve gotten you a big enough discount,” says founder Tracey Watts.

More About the Platform

CarMarshal was officially launched in 2013, after Watts witnessed a spontaneous bidding battle between two dealers who were both attempting to sell him a car from their respective companies. It turned out that he discovered a dealer where he was able to purchase a brand new car that cost less than the used one that he had originally set his sights on. It was this experience that inspired him to start a platform where vehicle buyers can truly find the best value for their hard-earned cash.

In the future, the company plans to bring the  Katanka car, which is a black-owned brand made in Ghana, to the U.S.

By: Danielle Dixon

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